The Tailings Center

Past Events

The Tailings Center delivers on value creation through member’s only events through interactive industry-student exchanges

April 26, 2024- Internship Best Practices Forum

A Facilitated Industry-Student Exchange on Tailings and Mine Waste Summer Internship Best Practices for Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Undergraduate and graduate students from Colorado School of Mines, Colorado State University and University of Arizona participated in a facilitated discussion sharing best practices from previous internships. Eighty percent of the students participated were females demonstrating the delivery of a future diverse workforce to tailings and mine waste management companies.

This discussion was hosted by The Tailing’s Center’s Joe Scalia (SCU). Special thanks to Katherine King (Mines), Cara Clements (Mines), Shayne Zadro (UA),  Sam Jacob (CSU), and Emily Jagerhorn (CSU) for participating in the discussion panel.

Summary of ideas for internships coming soon in the Member’s Center.

April 17, 2024- Leadership Skills Forum

Importance of Soft Skills & Emotional Intelligence in Tailings Management

Christopher Hatton, WSP/Golder Consulting, recently conducted an engaging session with students and guests. Hatton emphasized the significance of complementing technical expertise with essential non-technical skills such as leadership, communication, and teamwork. He underscored the pivotal role these skills play in propelling individuals forward in the field of tailings and mine waste management.

Nov 30-Dec 1, 2023- Fall Focus Meeting

Building a Tailings Workforce Pipeline in Higher Education

The networking reception and day long facilitated workshop provided opportunities for Tailings Center members to interact with university students, staff, and faculty. The workshop deepened our understanding of the broad needs, available levers, and identified efforts that can be undertaken by the Tailings Center to build a sustainable undergraduate and graduate student tailings workforce pipeline.