Graduate Certificate


The Tailings Center was created in 2020 to perform research and educate students, individuals in the mining industry, and regulators from the US and foreign countries. The center has provided many short courses to various audiences and will play a key role in supporting students pursuing the Tailings Engineering Graduate Certificate.

Tailings and the proper management of them are essential, and the mining industry has acknowledged this through dedicating time and atttention towards them. However, the effort from each company cannot be comprehensive or educational, but limited to their individual and immediate needs. The Tailings Engineering Graduate Certificate Program through the Colorado School of Mines addresses this and provides a semi-comprehensive curriculum that can be beneficial to engineers and other professionals who are involved in the mining business.

The program is a great opportunity for individuals interested in scholarship and research on topics including, but not limited to, geology, geotechnical engineering, water, soil mechanics, tailing valorization, mineral processing and extractive metallurgy, environmental engineering, and social governance.

The University of Arizona is currently in the process of setting up a similar certificate.